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Personalized liquor bottles Wedding Favors

Wedding Reception Decorations / February 23, 2024

Mini Liquor Bottle Labels Are The Best Party Favors

Mini labels for liquor bottles are the ultimate party favor, hands down. Think about it, the are cheap, personal to the occasion and can be applied to any type of small bottle of spirits you want. Wedding, Birthday, Graduation, Retirement, Holiday or just a regular party, mini liquor labels work for anything. Browse our catalog of pre made designs for mini liquor labels and choose one you like. You can quickly edit the text, images and colors to make it your own and voila you have instant party favors on the cheap. Another huge benefit to these labels are that mini liquor bottles are extremely small making them easy to transport and ideal for destination parties or weddings.

Small Labels For Small Bottles Of Liquor

Airplane bottles as many people like to call them are generally 50ml in size, roughly a standard “shot” of alcohol, maybe a bit more. These portable party starters are available in all your favorite brands filled with all types of liquor from whiskey to vodka, tequila and everything in between. Many people use them to sample a specific type of alcohol before committing to purchasing a larger quantity. Alternatively in the party world they make great party favors if you add a custom label to them. Apply a mini liquor label to a bottle of fireball for a bachelor party or customize a 2”circle label to apply to a small Baileys Irish Cream bottle for you early AM tailgate party. The combinations and uses are endless with two mini liquor label sizes available in 3”x2” rectangle and a 2” diameter circle.

Mini Alcohol Labels Are A Perfect Destination Wedding Favor

If you are planning or are getting married at a destination wedding you should consider mini liquor bottle labels for your wedding favors. They are cheap, portable and you have the option to purchase only a few should your wedding be small. The cost add up quickly for a destination wedding so using small labels and applying them to mini alcohol bottles at your destination gives you a cheap and easy option for personalized wedding favors. Personalize them to your destination as well as your names and date. If you are going to get married in Hawaii choose a beach themed design or upload a photo you took on your last beach vacation to use as the background for your label. If you are getting married in New York, Chicago or some other big city design a mini label with a city skyline for you background. The design can be anything you like, the sky is the limit so let your imagination run wild and let us know what you come up with. If you need some inspiration check out our Instagram or blog to see what other people have come up with.

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