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Wedding Personalized / February 2, 2024

Q:How many ounces is the cup?

A:The stadium cups have a 16 ounce capacity

Q:I really like the state love design but you don't have my state. Could you do Ohio?

A:Hi unfortunately we do not currently have Ohio as an option. We do have the US map as an option if you are interested.

Q:The icon for the "Eat, Drink & be Married" is the 'Married' word in gold if i order it in black font?

Q:Is the rustic wreath monogram letter automatically the striped letter? I want to make sure I don't select the wrong font and change the letter.

A:Yes, the monogram letter style is defaulted.

Q:Is this cup dishwasher safe? It is supposed to be re-usable, correct?

A:We recommend hand-washing to preserve the personalization

Q:Are these BPA free? Are they labeled as BPA free?

A:Yes they are BPA free and labeled on the bottom of the cups.

Q:I like the font used for Libby and Jake in your sanple fonts. What is it called?

A:I'm sorry - i don't see a "Libby and Jake". Please contact our customer service team at 877.988.2328

A:The "Best Day Ever" font is defaulted as is. The personalization refers to the text below. That is Arial.

Q:What would be my cheapest option for ordering 100/ 200 cups 2 colour selections with either all the same print on the front or 2 different options. Im confused about the 1 colour 2 colour options?

A:Our customer service team can help with your inquiry at 877.988.2328

Q:For the state love design option, if you do not already have the state I'd like to use, can you create it?

A:We have all the states for this option. If you are thinking of making your own state; however, I do not believe this is possible..

Q:How many ounces are the stadium cups?

A:Cups are recyclable and available in a 16 ounce capacity.

Q:How do I request a sample cup?

A:our customer service team can help you with your sample cup question at 877.988.2328

Q:Are they the thick plastic or like the red cups sold in sleeves at the store

A:These are thicker than the red solo cups

Q:What is "a wonderful life" font?

A:We offer "a wonderful love" as an exclusive design. You would select it under the icons section of the personalization. The font style applies to the 2 lines of text underneath the icon.

Q:could we get a proof to make sure we like how our names look in the font we choose?

A:You can request a proof to be made.

Q:What do they mean by 1 color cup and 2 color cup? Because with both I get to pick my color cup and the color font. And from the previous question answered I have to make 2 separate orders if I actually want 2 different colored cups. So what is the difference between the 1 color cup and 2 color cup?

A:Certain designs are defaulted as 2-color designs. If you go to the 2-Color Designs tab underneath the example picture, you can see the 4 exclusive designs that are classified as 2-colors.

Q:Are these cups reusable? Can they be washed and used again?

A:The cups are top rack dishwasher safe. Due to variables between inks, ink additives, & plastics - the imprint is not guaranteed to stay on. Although cups can be re-used all cup orders are sold as disposable.

Q:I am looking at getting 100 purple cups with ivory lettering, and 100 ivory cups with purple lettering. Would this fall under the 4+ quantity price since I am ordering 200 cups, or does this fall under the 2+ quantity price since there are variations between each?

A:It would fall under the 2 sets of 50 for each color because of the variation.

Q:Is the font we pick for the quote and the personalization? Or just the personalization?

A:The font optoin is just for the personalization

Q:If i pick a black cup on Mr& Mrs, what colour does Mr & Mrs show up as?

A:You have the option of choosing your color under "Purchase Options" on the right hand side.

Q:Is this available in 16 oz? If not how many oz is this?

A:The stadium cups are 16 oz.

Q:What font is used for the "Best Day Ever" cups shown in this image?

A:It is shown with the "Modern" font