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Personalized Wedding date Gifts

Wedding Gifts / December 28, 2022

Choose from a wide variety of personalized gift and print options to celebrate those that made your special day even more meaningful. Designed with your life in mind, these wedding gifts are a great way to showcase and share your favorite wedding photos in a multitude of ways. No need to decide on just one photo, as many of our gift options can be customized to display multiple images throughout a singular product.

Updated on a rolling 12 month basis, our wood calendar starts the month after it’s ordered, so you don’t need to wait until January to enjoy. Each page can be customized to display a different one of your wedding photos, and is a terrific gift option for your family or wedding party. Custom wedding photo books also make great gfits, see our full wedding photo book collection here. Or make it a good mail day with our postcard pack, the perfect note from your honeymoon to your loved ones back home. Our wooden box is an ideal home for your photo books and prints, and can be designed your way with either an image or text cover. Consider a simple title, such as your wedding date or last name for a truly timeless look, and keep your favorite photo products safe inside for years to come. Have a collection of Instagram photos from the entire wedding weekend? Print your favorites on a number of our gift and print products and upload from Instagram straight into the editor.

Many of our wedding gift and print products feature handcrafted and reclaimed mountain beetle pine, a beautifully unique wood that has been affected by the Colorado beetle epidemic. Otherwise deemed as waste, we repurpose this wood to create calendar backs, cleats, and blocks to display printed photos. For more information on beetle pine and our mission to create purpose within product, head here.

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