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Personalized Wine Glasses Wedding Gifts

Wedding Gifts / December 8, 2023

While the popularity of the various types of wine glasses has been a recently phenomenon in the last 20 years, drinking wine from personalized wine glasses goes back a couple thousand years. Originally made of pottery decorated with bright stones and jewels to signify different houses, wine glasses have evolved tremendously throughout history. While most glasses don't have elaborate jewels anymore, personalizing them with names or initials, even designs, has become the newest trend in drinking glasses.

Today there are many different styles of wine glasses, all made for different purposes. The most common styles of the wine glass are the red and white wine glasses which come in two styles, the traditionally stemmed and stemless wine glasses. Red wine glasses tend to have a wider bowl to allow for more aeration due to bolder flavors, while white wine glasses tend to be a bit taller and more slender. If you are wanting etched or monogrammed wine glasses, you should buy one of these two more general types as you will use them more often at dinner parties and entertaining guests. The other, more specific types of wine glasses are intended for only a narrow types of wine which we discuss in our other wine glasses category.

What to Engrave on a Personalized Wine Glass
A traditional three initial monogram is always an ideal choice for the more refined look. A single initial monogram wine glass is also a great option, because it is more universal for family names. Whereas the three initial monogram looks great engraved on a wine glasses, it is more formal. Our wine glasses personalized with a phrase or slogan are a great choice for weddings, or special events when you want the event to be remembered. Making a wonderful keepsake that can be used regularly. Finally, our more unusual whimsical wine glasses with their name or initial etched on the wine glasses combined with a fun design make excellent gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, or for use just around home when you're enjoying a nice glass of vino.