Vintage Style Text Personalized Pillow, Cotton Anniversary Gift

Personalized Pillows for Wedding Gifts

Wedding Gifts / December 26, 2022


By jill H. (woodstock, GA) - January 9, 2017 (See all reviews by this customer)

Pillow is very adorable, recipient loved gift.It was not as large as I thought but still very nice and an inexpensive. Would purchase again.

Nice wedding gift

By Shopper (Morganton, NC) - July 11, 2016

Pillow is beautiful. A little smaller than I expected but I like it and I think the couple I got it for will enjoy it.

Nice touch for a family room.

By Sara S. (Lincoln, NE) - April 17, 2015 (See all reviews by this customer)

Another item I ordered to keep my husband close to us. Nice to sit on the couch or snuggle with.

Great wedding shower gift

By Shopper (Rockford, IL) - February 7, 2014

I purchased this for a bridal shower and it is beautiful. The printing and design are excellent.

A perfect gift

By Nadine C. (Philadelphia, PA) - December 10, 2013 (See all reviews by this customer)

This pillow was made in honor of Carol, who achieved the milestone of working 20 years as my husband's assistant. She couldn't have enjoyed a gift more!

Wedding Gift

By Pat C. (Maricopa, AZ) - September 17, 2013 (See all reviews by this customer)

I gave my girlfriend your website and told her to choose anything as her wedding gift. She chose 2 monogramed pillows. We were so thrilled when they arrived. They are beautiful. She absolutely loves them and could not be happier, with the quality and how she was able to make them her own. A+++

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