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Wedding favors Vintage

Wedding Favors / December 26, 2022

vintage wedding favorsVictorians assigned great importance to the meaning of wedding favors, and the upper class of the era had elaborate, lush parties and events where they handed out lavish gifts. If you're thinking of having a Vintage wedding, you have a ton of possibilities from high tea to a garden party to a extravagant, formal ballroom affair.

When you think of Vintage wedding favors think beaded purses, shoes, decorative hand fans, tussie mussies, anything floral, anything ornate, lace and anything pewter. The era adored favors - the more ornate, the better. They handed out favors everywhere - from small intimate parties to large gatherings. Indulgent, luxurious and loved to give out tokens of their wealth. Share this same sentiment when you select a beautiful vintage party favors by Little Things Favors

An elegant country club or teatime ceremony is perfect for the vintage bride interested in details. Setting your special day in a nature preserve or in your own back yard is also a great way to incorporate a vintage garden wedding theme. Choose wedding reception decorations, favors, and invitations that feature lattice work, florals, lace or white basket weaving elements. LittleThingsFavors.com features charming White Birdcage Card Holders, Vintage Pillar candle holders and many other wedding reception dsecorations to make your vintage garden-themed wedding even more beautiful.

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