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Best wedding favors ever

Wedding Favors / January 18, 2020

Helper bee

What’s the best wedding favor you’ve received at a wedding? Was it personalized with wedding info, was it edible, was it a donation??

Feel free to share the worst, too. Did you not know what it was, was it edible but not good??

For me, I’d say the best was a box of truffles and the worst is this bookmark/ornament, I’m not actually sure. But we ended up throwing them out because we can’t use it if we don’t know what it is!

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Bee Keeper

Best was a bottle of wine, Worst was coasters

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Sugar Beekeeper

Best: If I was allowed to pick my own I would since it was the best favor I’ve ever seen at a wedding (we gave orchard fresh 6” apple pies to every guest) but as far as what I’ve actually received, I guess I’ll go with the carmel apple even though I didn’t get to actually eat mine. I heard they were good, though.

Worst: A donation from two separate weddings but ONLY because I know for a fact that the donations were never actually made (I have no issue with donations as favors as long as the couple actually donated). The couples went out of their way to tell all of their guests that they were “making a donation in our name in leiu of a favor” but never gave a penny to the cause. Now, the only reason I know this is because I’m very close to both couples and they actually admitted it. Seriously, if you can’t afford favors then don’t have them but DON’ T lie and say that you donated to something that you didn’t. It’s tacky.

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Honey bee

Best was probably something edible, worst was a statue of a longhorn skull.. it was a country wedding but wtf am I suppose to do with that?

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Bumble bee

I really liked a pair of gold chopsticks that were the favor at a wedding I went to recently, everybody took them home, in fact someone snagged DH’s favor so we only ended up with one pair 🙁

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worst, ugly candle or personalized golf ball.

best: candy.

Honestly i’m not a big fan of favours. I cant think of one where i thought “oh this is the best idea”

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Best: a scratch off lottery ticket! I won $10. I was the only one who won at our table, Frango chocolate mints. I still remember that favor 7 years later.

Worst: I can’t remember any offhand, maybe later.

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I’ve honestly never been to a wedding with favors other than little boxes with some jelly beans or chocolate in them (which I am not a fan of). We had a photobooth instead of favors at my wedding and I think I’d prefer that over almost anything else at a wedding I was attending – you get to have a little fun and a picture of you and your friend/date/maybe even the bride and groom to remember it by.

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Longhorn skull?! Were the bride & groom Texas fans?

That lottery ticket idea is great. My cousin makes a donation to her favorite charities around the holidays, but still gives us each a lottery ticket as our “gift”.

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Busy Beekeeper

none of them stick out as being the worst but the best favor i ever got was Belgian chocolate covered oreos! yum!!! they were a perfect snack for a hangover the next day haha and they were the most delicious cookies i ever had. I want one now.

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Best: anything edible.

Worst: CD of wedding songs. A little olive oil container that broke the second I put olive oil in it. Coasters.

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Worst: Jordan’s almonds. Followed closely by coasters.

Best: making my own bag of candy at the candy buffet. Yum.