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Wedding Favors / November 12, 2023

Wedding SparklersWelcome to Wedding Day Sparklers – your source for wedding sparklers, sky lanterns, wooden roses, and much more. We only sell the highest quality products, ensuring that your special day is enhanced by these beautiful wedding sparklers and wedding favors. We offer a wide selection of items including several varieties of wedding sparklers and sky lanterns, as well as many other wedding novelties to choose from. Whether you’re planning on having 20 guests or 300 guests attend your wedding, we have wedding sparklers and novelties to fit any size or budget.

We also offer FREE SHIPPING on orders over $50, so the more wedding sparklers you buy, the more you save! You can also check out our contest to win great prizes. Simply upload your story or idea for using wedding sparklers, sky lanterns, and wooden roses to our site and you will be automatically entered for a chance to win!

This also makes for a great resource to plan how to use wedding sparklers, sky lanterns, and wooden roses at your wedding. Our ideas and stories section is full of useful tips to help you get the most out of your wedding sparklers on your special day. From glittering send-off lines to classic photo opportunities, wedding sparklers, sky lanterns, and wooden roses will be a fond and memorable addition to your wedding. No matter how you choose to integrate them into the event, sparklers for weddings are sure to enhance the beauty of your most special celebration.

Wedding SparklersWe are also proud to provide the highest level of customer service, always putting your satisfaction first. We do everything we can to ensure your entire purchasing process goes smoothly, and work quickly to resolve any issues so you can have your wedding sparklers and novelties in plenty of time for your big day. We have many satisfied customers that send us positive comments and feedback about their sparklers for weddings, and we display some of them on our customer testimonials page. If you would like to send us comments or feedback, please feel free to contact us.

What Are Wedding Sparklers?

Wedding sparklers are quite different from sparklers sold for other holidays in both design and function. Unlike the traditional type of sparklers you will find on the 4th of July and New Year’s Eve, wedding sparklers are designed to be used indoors for receptions and ceremonies that take place inside a hall. In order to safely use sparklers indoors, they must be low smoke or be completely smokeless to avoid filling the entire room with a cloudy haze. Also, because they need to blend with the decorations commonly found at weddings, the packaging of our sparklers for wedding celebrations is designed specifically to fit into any wedding décor and not stick out like the red, white, and blue packaging used with other sparkler brands.

Popular Ways to Use Wedding Sparklers

With so many brides choosing to have wedding sparklers as part of their celebration, we are constantly getting feedback and ideas about different ways to use them at ceremonies and receptions. With all this great inspiration coming in, we have created a list below with some of the most popular ways to use wedding sparklers to help give couples ideas for their wedding.

Sendoff Lines – Using sparklers for your sendoff line is quickly becoming a hot trend in the wedding industry. Also known as the “grand exit” or “farewell line”, wedding sparklers are replacing items such as birdseed, rice, bubbles, and confetti in this timeless wedding tradition.

Memorable Photos – Adding sparklers to your most special moments can make the photos stand out in your scrapbook. Classic moments like the first kiss or first dance are beautifully enhanced with your guests using wedding sparklers in the background. You can even use sparklers to write words or shapes in the air such as your wedding date, the word “love”, or hearts.

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