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Peacock wedding dresses and Accessories

Wedding Dress / November 22, 2023

Inspired by the most beautiful animal in the natural world, Peacock is a timelessly stunning blue-green color that's lovely for any wedding theme and venue. The perfect backdrop for colors like cobalt, emerald, and violet, Peacock is an essential addition to any jewel tone wedding palette. Especially stunning when paired with gold accessories, Peacock is king when it comes to cooler palettes.


I've always had a thing for Peacock feathers. I just think that they're the most gorgeous things ever! I knew from the start that I wanted my wedding palette to have all the stunning colors of the feathers. I was so happy when I saw that Azazie had Peacock bridesmaid dresses. It was the exact shade that I was looking for! Of course the girls looked great on the big day.

- Madeleine

My husband and I are really relaxed people, and we wanted our wedding to reflect that. We planned a really casual outdoor wedding at my parent's backyard. All the colors were bright and festive. For the bridesmaids, I wanted to find dresses that were easy to wear. Peacock stood out to me as just that because its bluish-green tones really complements and flatters all skin-tones.

- Gretchen

I'm a painter and one of my favorite subjects to paint is peacocks because the colors of their feathers are just so stunning. After I got engaged, I just knew that I had to incorporate some of those colors into the wedding palette. For the bridesmaids, we picked out these Peacock colored dresses in satin, which kind of emulated the iridescent sheen of Peacock feathers.

- Christina

My husband and I are both from New Orleans and we wanted to show how proud we are of our hometown for our wedding, so we had a Mardi Gras-theme wedding palette. The bright jewel tones were great and so much fun. But for the bridesmaid dresses, I wanted something a little bit more toned down, but one that still kept to the general feel of the wedding. Peacock was that perfect color.