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Wedding Dress / December 26, 2022

Baccara are made with beautiful buttery soft blush leather and feature a statement cutout detail heel with a sparkly gold glitter underlay. With just a nod to the blush tones this pair compliment an ivory wedding dress perfectly but then we think they'd be great for any special occasion.

  • Blush colour kid leather upper
  • Cutout detail with gold glitter underlay
  • Padded insole for all day comfort
  • Leather sole
  • Round toe
  • Platform depth: 1.4cm
  • Heel height: 10cm
  • Fits true to size

They design their collections to ensure you can recapture the moment by wearing your wedding shoes again and again. They dare you to think differently about design – quirky and whimsical, or romantic and bold, their designs are the perfect accompaniment to your wedding day.

Who says you need to be getting married to treat yourself to a pretty pair of Merle and Morris….

We like to keep things simple so our delivery options are too:

UK Standard 3-5 working days FREE on orders over £100 or £4.50
Europe Standard 7-10 working days £8
Rest of World Standard 10-14 working days
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