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Wedding Colors / July 3, 2019

beautiful beach wedding decoration ideaIt’s that time of year when we start to think ahead and plan those all-important summer holidays and thoughts of sun, sea and sand begin to spring to mind. It can also be the time that summer beach brides are starting to panic over last minute decisions or perhaps for those out of season beach brides it may be the time you’ve started to consider color and themes to cleverly coordinate with your coastal wedding. Whichever category you fall into we have some current and very exciting color themes for you to ponder over. Here goes…

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Blue tends to be the obvious choice, but with so many striking shades, tints and hues it can sometimes result in brides getting a tad confused. Focus on those vivid, bright shades, like azure blue, turquoise and deep sky blue, they will shimmer brilliantly in that dazzling sun and give the illusion of a much bluer ocean.

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light sky blue summer beach wedding color ideas 2015

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Porcelain and rose gold are beautiful examples of nude colors for a beach wedding; they are clean, light and bright. Try to steer clear of that gritty sand color that we can sometimes get drawn too when thinking of seaside weddings, it tends to look too dark and dirty! Remember it’s crisp white sands that usually grab our attention.

turquoise wedding color scheme for beach seaside wedding

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Green is a great color to use for a beach wedding and brides are often put off, because we initially visualize grassy, forest and pine green, which we definitely don’t recommend. Instead swap those visions for much more bluer shades like cool aqua, ocean spray and Juneau spring. Ditch that yellow green for blue.

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Coral, peachy pinks and orange-based pinks were made for a beach theme, or at least they should have been! Basically what we’re trying to say is that they are perfect colors to use if you’re planning a beach themed wedding. From juicy lippies to cheerful bridesmaid dresses, these are pink shades that are worth considering however you choose to use them.

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This has to be the only color where we are giving you a free reign on hue choice, bright sunny shades and muted lemon pastels both work beautifully on a beach. Therefore consider your theme, if you’re going for a traditional nautical style wedding, then bumblebee yellow and striking pineapple yellows will look stunning. If you want to go down the more rustic, bohemian route then try creamier bases, like pale daffodil and French vanilla.

nude champagne and pale green beach wedding color inspiration ideas blue and green beach wedding color combination ideas emerald dark green beach wedding ideas and bridesmaid dresses styles coral pink inspired summer beach weddings 2015

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