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Fall wedding - dress colors

Wedding Dress / December 26, 2022

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How do you know that blush wedding dresses have gone mainstream? Even the uber-traditional Jessa Duggar chose a faded rose gown for her November vows in 2014. Shades of pink are the perfect way to dip your toes into non-traditional waters while still having your blushing bride moment. This cream and faded rose ombre gown by Needle & Thread is a steal at just $800.

2. Think Pink

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Of course, there is something terribly romantic about embracing the girliest of colors on your big day. Who wouldn't glow in this lush pink dress by Oscar de la Renta? The white lace embroidery and shape is a nod to the classic while the pink color is just a pinch of personality.

3. Girl On Fire

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With the leaves changing colors and rich golden skies, autumn is the perfect backdrop for a red dress. Balance bold scarlet with delicate details like the eyelash and scalloped edges on this beaded lace gown by Marchesa Notte.

4. Tangy Tangerine

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I know what you're thinking, "Orange in October?! Are you crazy? I'll look like a pumpkin!" Would I really do that to you on your wedding day? This sexy tangerine gown by Cushnie et Ochs would be so sophisticated at an early fall, outdoor wedding. I can already picture the burnt orange, white and gold bouquet. Rustic chic to the max!

5. Silver Siren

If you're having a more formal affair with guests in black tie, you might feel that a bold color is inappropriate. So why not try silver? A hand beaded gown, like the Jennifer dress by Parker NY, is both red carpet ready and bridal. Bonus? With that much sparkle, you won't need any heavy jewelry weighing you down on the dance floor!

6. Beaded & Blue

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8. Half & Half

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If you like the idea of a pattern but just can't commit to an entire gown, why not check out Jennifer Gifford's Paige gown? This made to measure strapless gown has a classic shape, incorporates a pink floral in the bodice, and, most importantly, has two hidden pockets. What more could a laid-back bride ask for?

9. Something Blue

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Blue dresses were all over the runways at Bridal Fashion Week for Fall 2015. It may have something to do with a certain Frozen queen, but why not embrace the trend and be your own something blue? Monique Lhuillier's lacy gown is so romantic.

10. Green With Envy

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11. Lovely Lilac

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The ethereal Erin Fetherston's designs always have a touch of fairy tale and her Lily Gown certainly doesn't disappoint. The reverse ombre in a delicate chiffon is just waiting to be worn by a modern princess bride.

13. Stripes

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14. Just A Dash With A Sash

" data-attribution= contenteditable="false">The dream of a white wedding can be hard to give up, so if your heart is set on a more traditional gown, you can always add a dash of color with a belt. The best part? Sashes are often an inexpensive (David's Bridal has options starting at just $5) way to personalize a non-custom gown.

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