Personalized Wedding Hanger With Date,Wire Name Hanger Bridal

Personalized Champagne Flutes Wedding Favors

Personalized Glass Champagne FlutesProcessing:This is the estimated time it takes for your order to be packed before being shipped. (Varies by product and rush fees)
Transit: This is the time it takes for the carrier to deliver the package to your destination. (Varies by shipping method and options)
Delivery: The carrier will deliver your package to your home or place of business. (Delivery time varies by shipping method and options)

Ground 3-5 Business Days 1-6 Business Days
3 Day Select 3 Business Days
2 Day Air 1-5 Business Days Shipping Map2 Business Days
Next Day Air 1 Business Days
UPS Standard To Canada and PR 2-5 Business Days 5-7 Business Days
UPS Worldwide Expedited & Canada 2-3 Business Days

* If order is placed today, , before: 12PM EST. Estimated delivery dates are calculated in business days.
If your estimated delivery date falls on a weekend, it will be delivered on the next available business day.
(No delivery on weekends, holidays or on days with Severe Weather Conditions)

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