Personalized Wine Bottle Labels for Wedding Promotion-Shop for

Personalized Wine bottle Labels for Wedding

Wedding Personalized / January 13, 2023

Add a touch of personalization to your big day. Customize our wine labels to match your wedding colors or add a photo of the bride and groom. It's an easy way to create wedding favors that are low cost yet exude luxury. Your unique wedding design will set your wedding apart from all the others. Don't settle and use the same wedding favors all your friends have done and you've seen over and over at weddings for years.

Cheap Wedding Favors That Don't Look Cheap

Our wine labels are a thick 7mil synthetic (fancy for plastic) material that is entirely waterproof and extremely durable. If your wedding is outdoors and you want to keep the white wine chilled in a cooler of ice and water it's no problem the labels will hold up. They won't peal away from the bottles nor will the colors run or fade. If you would like to get a sample we're happy to mail out a couple to you so you can check the quality and feel the product first hand. Send us an email to the address at the bottom right corner of the page and we'll get those out to your right away.

Almost everyone that requests samples in the mail is astonished at the quality feel and finish of our wedding wine bottle labels. In fact the material is so good that we use it for our wedding beer labels as well. Don't waste your time and money with labels that are thin coated or even uncoated paper. Paper labels are cheap sure but will scratch, smudge, bubble and peal under any type of harsh exposure. If you don't request samples you can check out our product PRODUCT QUALITY page to get an idea of the material we print on.

Match Wine Labels With Drink Coasters & Beer Labels

If you have wine at your wedding chances are you are going to have beer as well. If you have beer and wine you should design matching or complimentary labels for you wedding. We have an extensive collection of wedding beer labels to pair with our wine labels and of course we give you the ability to create your own wine and beer labels from scratch if you have a personalize design for your wedding. To take it even a step further we offer custom drink coasters you can personalize as well so all of your beverages and accessories will match. Matching wine labels, beer labels and drink coasters, there, your whole wedding table setting matches and will have that celebrity, expensive feel to it without breaking the bank.

Order your wine labels in as little as 6 so if you are having a small destination wedding they take up very little space and can easily fit in your carry on. In fact we have had customers that used our wine labels as their only favor at their destination wedding to cut back on cost yet still have something unique. Destination wedding packages tend to be somewhat cookie cutter, sure the setting, scenery and weather is usually perfect but all the table settings, ornaments and embellishments have all been used a thousand times by other folks.

How To Design Your Wine Label For Your Wedding

We'll make this easy, really easy if you want. Here are the steps to designing and ordering personalized wedding wine labels:

  1. Choose from our catalog of pre made designs that you can personalize or start from scratch and make or upload your own design.
  2. If you choose a pre made design of ours modify the text, font, change colors, add photos, logos, monograms, anything! Get your design just like you want it and checkout. If you are starting from scratch with the design the same thing applies, add color, text, change font, add photos or even upload a design you made in Photoshop or some other program.
  3. Checkout and choose the appropriate shipping method. We offer standard USPS up to Next Day Air.
  4. Wait a few days or a week depending upon the shipping you chose and you wine labels will arrive.
  5. Peal the protective backing off of the labels and apply them to any bottles you like. The backing is fully adhesive so they will stick to anything just make sure whatever you stick them to is dry and roughly room temperature. After that go ahead and soak them in ice and water or put them in the fridge they'll be fine.
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