Personalized Wedding Picture Frames For Parents ~

Personalized Wedding Picture Frames for parents

Wedding Personalized / July 29, 2023

Loved It

By Shopper (Vermillion, SD) - February 26, 2017

Very good quality item! The shipping was very fast ad neatly packaged so it wouldn't get scratched. Overall, very impressed with the service, quality, and quickness of the delivery.


By Shopper (Madison, TN) - February 12, 2017

These frames are amazing in person. I cant wait to give them to my parents. Very beautiful.

Just as pictured

By Elizabeth C. (Clifton, NJ) - October 18, 2016 (See all reviews by this customer)

Frame is beautiful and the recipients loved it. Would definitely recommend.


By Lisa A. (Franklin square, NY) - August 13, 2016 (See all reviews by this customer)

Perfect gift ! Came
Out great!

Great gift for our parents

By Latrice F. (Cleveland, OH) - June 1, 2016 (See all reviews by this customer)

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these frames. We purchased them for both of our parents and cannot wait to give them to them at our rehearsal dinner. Good quality and fast shipping.


By Trevor V. (Quincy, MA) - March 28, 2016 (See all reviews by this customer)

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