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Wedding Personalized / January 19, 2021

Create Postage Stamps for All Your Wedding Stationery

Have you recently gotten engaged? Do you need to send out your invites as soon as possible? Are you dreading writing out hundreds of thank you notes after your big day? No matter where you are on your wedding journey, custom postage stamps are the perfect accessory.

As a newley-engaged person, you can create stamps with an engagement picture or a monogram you can use on all of your send outs. If you’re further along in the process, you can use the stamps to make your invites or thank you notes a little more personal. Here at Wedding Paper Divas, we make customizing all of our products easy.

Personalize Products

How can you personalize postage stamps? While you may only have a small space to work with, you actually have a lot of options when it comes to our custom postage stamps:

  • Upload a photo to include on your stamp.
  • Use your name and the name of your soon-to-be-spouse.
  • Include the first letter of your now-shared last name.
  • Create a monogram.
  • Use a monogram and also include your wedding date.

What style appeals most to you? Upload your own design if you cannot find one that suits you. You can also personalize the color of the stamp and the postage rate. Choose between either the $0.47 or $0.68 stamp.

Create a Cohesive Package

Designing your own wedding stationery means you get to include the details that are important to you, but it also means that every single piece of paper involved in your wedding, from the invitations to the place cards, can match. You can choose to use the same color scheme or pick out complementary hues to add a layer of style to your stationery.

Besides color scheme, how can you create a cohesive wedding package? Look through our wedding suites to see collections of all of the stationery you may need. Shopping by designers, such as Tallu-lah, Lady Jae and Sarah Hawkins Designs, may make it easier to find matching styles and themes.