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Wedding Favors / January 29, 2017

Yes, you can add your own message to any product called “CUSTOM”.

Where do I enter my message in?

On the third page of order form. “Add to Cart” and then on page two, select “Onto Creating Messages.”

How much space do I get?

Each message, you get 3 lines and 35 characters including spaces per line if use Arial font small cap; you might have less than 35 spaces if use other fonts and or cap every alphabet of your personalized messages and or upload an image. All messages will be mixed randomly into the number of cookies on your order.

Can I know what message is in the cookie? or separate cookies by message?

Yes, only if you purchase a separation for each message on the second page of the order form under “group messages”. We then will label each bag with that group of message, instead of mixing all your messages together. It costs $5 per separation. Please also indicate on check-out page in the “Order Comments” box how many cookies you would like per group of messages. Otherwise, cookies will be divided evenly into number of separations.

Can I print on the back?

Yes, please select yes on the second page of the order form for back side message and reference how much space do I get above.

Can I add an image for free?

Yes. Upload an image at least 80 MB in jpg; jpeg; gif or png format on the third page of the order form. Image displays on the left hand side and your text message displays on the right hand side of the fortune slip.

What about color printing?

It costs an extra $0.04 per fortune slip. Make sure to select the color on the color palette for your text message(s).

Can I flavor the cookie?

Our regular sized fortune cookies are only vanilla-flavored. But our Giant Fortune Cookies are naturally flavored Cinnamon Twist, Chocolate Burst or Vanilla.

Production Cut-off time is at 11 a.m. CST

All orders placed after this time will be routed to production on the next business day in the order as it was received. Orders usually ship out one to four business days after being received. If order comes in after 11:00 a.m CST on Thursdays,