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October Weddings colors

Wedding Colors / May 2, 2023

While we still can’t get enough of 2014’s Color of the Year, Radiant Orchid, the time has come to talk fall wedding colors.

Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director of the Pantone Color Institute, says “this is a season of untypical colors—more reflective of the imagination and ingenuity, which makes for an artful collection of colors and combinations not bound by the usual hues for fall.” We couldn't agree more.

Some combinations are unexpected and exotic, some are vibrant and glamorous, others are classic and warm, and all are absolutely gorgeous.

So take note, because you’ll want to feature these eye-catching hues in your fall wedding in Charlottesville.

Deep Blues, Delicate Purples, and Silver

This color combo is both strong and soft. Use deeper blue hues like cobalt blue or royal blue and pair with lighter shades of purple, like lilac and lavender. The silver comes in as a great accent color.

If using these colors in a wedding centerpiece, a gorgeous way to get that perfect touch of silver is to use mercury glass with your flowers.

Tangerine, Pale Pinks, and Gold

Mixing tangerine tints with blush pinks is absolutely stunning, but the touch of gold is what takes this color combination to the next level. Using hints of this combination creates a bright pop of sophisticated color, while going all out with this combination makes for a stunning boho-luxe feel.

Rich Purples, Bright Greens, Antique White, and Gold

Nothing says “royal” more than a deep purple, but pair that with a bright green, white, gold and you have yourself a jaw-dropping palette for fall weddings. While it is best to stick with luscious purples like eggplant, the green in this combo can vary anywhere from a more muted lime tone to a bold emerald.

Because both the purple and the green are such standout colors, using cream or antique white as your main color and opting for purple and green as accents packs just as much punch as using purple as your primary. Either way, you just need to add a touch of gold and you’re all set.

Moss Greens, Pretty Pinks, and Chocolate Brown

We saw a similar color combination in a few of favorite 2014 spring weddings, and we could not be happier that this gorgeous combination has an autumnal counterpart. Not only is this calming combination sure to become a classic wedding color palette, but the colors look fantastic on just about anything – bridesmaid dresses, cakes, flowers, shoes, suits… you name it. The delicate mossy green paired with pale pink is exquisite, and the chocolate brown adds just the right amount of depth for fall nuptials.

Deep Yellows, Soft Grays, and Fuchsia

Like the leaves on the trees, this combination’s star color is a warm, golden yellow. With a touch of gray and a pop of fuchsia, this color combination sums up exactly what this season is all about – unexpected beauty.

Much like the rich purple and bright green color combination, this combination is very bold. If you like the colors, but want to feature them more as accents, add in your deep yellow by featuring some craspedia in your bouquet or boutonnieres.

How would you incorporate this season’s color combinations into your wedding? Tell us in the comments below!

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