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Mulberry wedding color

Wedding Colors / October 21, 2020

Named after the wholesomeness and sweetness of your favorite Mulberry jam, Mulberry is a deep raspberry color and is an endearing choice for any bridal party. Optimistic and engaging, Mulberry is a lovely in a sweet garden venue or a rustic woodland venue. Complete the look with a fresh floral crown and natural loose waves.


I'm a southern gal through and through. Even though I moved up north after college, my heart will always be in the south. When I was a girl, I used to pick wild mulberries just in my backyard. I always remembered that sweet memory, so when I saw Mulberry bridesmaid dresses on Azazie, it brought me right back to my hometown.

- Lois

My grandmother is an amazing baker. One of my favorite things she used to bake, and still does, was Mulberry pie. I couldn't get enough! So I thought that having the bridesmaids wear Mulberry colored dresses would be a great way to show some appreciation for my grandmother and honor her work!

- Emery

I initially thought that I wanted my bridesmaids to wear a raspberry color for our outdoor wedding. But we realized that the color was a little too bright for some of the girls. After browsing through all the options, Mulberry came forward as the best choice because it still had that vibrancy I was looking for but it was a bit more wearable.

- Kitty

My husband and I met on a night out with some mutual friends. That night, I was wearing a Mulberry colored coat and we took a photo. We didn't talk much that night but he asked his friend for the number of the girl who was wearing the coat. The rest, as they say, is history. I thought that it would be so cute for my bridesmaids to wear Mulberry dresses to remember that special story about us.