Hair accessories headbands

Wedding Hair Accessories Headbands

Wedding Accessories / October 28, 2023

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    1. Untamed Petals by Amanda Judge 'Vera' Bohemian Head Wrap

    We love this multi-strand head wrap because it's a little bit girly and a little bit boho at the same time. Best for "effortlessly messy" 'dos, you can wear this with just about any style, but the key is to make sure there's enough space between the strings.


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    2. Collette Malouf Baroque Pearl Comb

    If you're more of a traditional bride (or you're channeling that vibe for your nuptials), this vintage-inspired pearl comb is perfect for your wedding look. Tuck it into the center of a rolled updo, or on the side of an intricate chignon. (It’s also mom or mother-in-law appropriate.)


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    3. Serefina 6 Pin Star Hair Set

    There's nothing cuter than flowers girls with sparkly little bobby pins in their hair. Cluster a few of these celestial-themed ones into the base of a low pony, or in the back of a high bun.

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    4. Metal Mania Ponytail Holder

    Over-the-top “pretty” not your thing? Try a statement metal ponytail holder instead. We can already envision your bridesmaids photos — with your girls rocking “ cool girl” ponys wrapped in modern gold cones.


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    5. Ava Headband by Ben-Amun

    Looking for something simple and stunning for you or your MOH? A skinny headband covered in Swarovski crystals is definitely the way to go. Ben-Amun’s version is equal parts sophisticated and whimsical and it comes with an adjustable closure or a long ribbon because, you know, options.


  • Courtesy of Justine M Couture

    6. Ocean Confetti Multipurpose Piece

    This seriously glam head piece was made for the bride that considers her hair look to be just as important as the dress. Bonus — it doubles as a headband, sash, or necklace, so you can definitely wear it again.

    Price upon request.

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    7. Silver Bow Headpiece

    Faux gardenia flowers are cute and all, but oversized silver bows are unexpected and one-of-a-kind. Be different.


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